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Converting to Autogas

Most petrol powered cars and light commercials can be converted to run on Autogas. If you already have a petrol powered vehicle, the chances are you could convert your vehicle immediately and start to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits. There are many systems available from many manufacturers, however not all systems are suitable for every vehicle.

The process of converting an existing petrol powered vehicle to run on LPG is relatively simple and takes approximately two days to complete.

It is recommended that conversions are carried out by a UKLPG Approved Installer. These companies comply with set standards, training and examination of installers and the work undertaken by them is randomly and routinely inspected. They will be able to advise you on the best system for your particular vehicle and needs. If your conversion was not carried out by an Approved Installer you can take your vehicle to an Approved Installer for inspection and, if it is found to meet basic safety standards and required emissions, it can be added to the UKLPG Vehicle Register.

UKLPG Vehicle Register

The Vehicle Register is a database of UK vehicles that have been converted to run on Autogas, or inspected following a conversion by an Approved Installer. It provides free access for insurance companies, brokers, taxi licensing officers and consumers to confirm that a vehicle has been converted correctly, or checked and meets industry safety standards. Most insurance companies will not insure a vehicle following a conversion if it is not on the register. Only UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers are able to place a vehicle on the register,


Converting a vehicle to run on Autogas is classed as an engine modification which means you would need to notify your insurer. Most insurance companies will insure a converted vehicle as long as it is listed on the UKLPG Vehicle Register. However, you should check the individual requirements of your insurance company before having a vehicle converted.


You should also notify DVLA that your vehicle has been converted to run on Autogas as it is a mechanical change from when the vehicle was first registered. By registering the vehicle with DVLA in this way you may be entitled to a reduction in Vehicle Excise Duty.

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