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About Us

On the 24th November 2000 Roger Therrien launched to give information to the public about LPG. lists both national and regional suppliers of LPG cylinders as well as many other products, including Awnings & Tents, Charcoal, Electric & Gas Barbecues, Blow Torches, Building Supplies, Bulk Tanks, Caravans & Trailers, Cartridges, Changeover Systems, Cylinders, Fuel, Patio, Mobile & Industrial Heaters, Holiday Homes, Horticulture Products, Gas, Battery, Fuel & Mains Lights, LPG Adaptors & Hoses,Motorhomes, Refrigerators Regulators, Gas, Fuel & Electric Stoves, Toilets, Tools & Plant, and MIG, TIG, MMA & Plasma, Welding Equipment.. There is a completely separate Solid Fuel Directory on the home page.

Prior to launching, Roger and his long time friend, Dudley Squires, had extensive experience in the Camping and Caravanning markets. In 1975 Roger and Dudley opened Camping Centre Bristol, selling Camping Gear, Calor Gas and Campingaz.

Also in 1975, Roger became the first importer of Rapido Caravans in the UK.

In 1977 Dudley and Roger decided that Camping Centre Bristol was no longer viable and surrendered the lease.

In 1977 Camping Centre Bath was opened, and in 1979 Camping Centre Swindon opened.

At this stage, an amicable decision was taken for Dudley to become the sole proprietor of Camping Centre Bath (which then became Squires Camping Centre) and for Roger to become the sole proprietor of Camping Centre Swindon.

At this time Roger went over to Mayenne in France 2 or 3 times a week to collect Rapido Caravans to distribute to his UK dealers. This went on for over a year until Roger could afford to bring them in 12 at a time on a transporter.

In 1979 the Camping Centre Swindon changed its name to Folding Caravan Centre.

At the end of 1979, Roger was approached by Esterel Caravans, who were seeking an importer for the UK. Roger then stopped importing Rapido Caravans, as he did not have the resources to import both. In 1980 Roger imported 180 Esterel Folding Caravans.

In 1981 Roger bought Orchard Garage in Swindon, which housed Linton & Hirst who operated as Calor Gas Distributors for the whole of Wiltshire.

In 1986 Esterel Caravans in France went into administration. Roger then approached Fleurette Pop-up Caravans, which he started importing in 1987

In 2003 Fleurette ceased making Pop-up Caravans, and sold that part of the business to the Trigano Group. At the same time Trigano appointed a new UK importer.

In 2004 Trigano changed the design of the folding roof mechanism. This caused all new Caravans to leak badly, and as a result it killed the Folding Caravan market.

At the end of 2004 Folding Caravan Centre went into voluntary liquidation.

In 2012 Roger sold Campsites UK to the Addactive group, and since then has concentrated solely on

Camping Centre Bristol

Camping Centre Bristol

Camping Centre Swindon

Camping Centre Swindon

Orchard Garage Swindon

Orchard Garage Swindon