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Guide to LPG this Summer

A complete guide to getting that barbecue set up, buying a barbecue and cooking with gas on holiday or at home.

Getting the BBQ Out

Cleaning and Maintaining your appliances

Getting the barbecue out for the first time can be annoying so making sure its clean before you pack it away in winter is best. Cleaning and maintaining your barbecue before use is always recommended. It allows you to check all the important components of a gas BBQ to make sure they are in good working order. You should check that the gas cylinder looks in good sound condition. If you are concerned or unsure call your local stockist who would be happy to help. It is important to check the condition of the gas hose from the cylinder to the BBQ. These wear out over time just like car and bike tires and start to split. This is more likely to happen if it is exposed to direct sunlight. To keep a your gas hose in good condition you should replace this every couple of years.

You can buy Oven Grill and Barbecue Cleaner from Homebase which very easily removes scorched and burned grease from cookers and barbecues. If you want to splash the cash and don’t want to get those hands dirty there are also people who clean your BBQ for you!

Need A Gas Refill?

Some cylinders now come with gas level indicators such as Calor’s 5kg and 13kg Patio Gas cylinders. Other cylinders such as the gaslight 5kg and 10kg are lightweight and because of it's construction with carbon fibre; you can see the gas level easily.

Some people suggest pouring warm water over the side of a gas cylinder to determine the amount of gas left as the part that is empty will be will stay warm and the part with gas in will go cool.

If your using a lot of gas it might be worth investing in two cylinders and keeping one as a backup. There’s nothing worse that getting half way through cooking and the gas runs out!

You can easily find your nearest stockists by clicking here.


If you can store your barbecue or gas appliance in the shed or garage over the winter or when it's not going to be used for long periods of time then that’s brilliant. It keeps it away from the rain and will make it less likely to rust. Over the summer months when your appliances are being used it is useful to have a barbecue cover which you can put on after use so you don't have to pack it away every time. You can get covers that are designed specifically for a barbecue or you can buy generic sizes to fit small, medium and large barbecues. Measure your appliance carefully including side shelves/racks if they don’t fold down. You should never put a cover on a hot/warm BBQ and should disconnect the gas before covering up.

Buying a new BBQ

Which BBQ should I buy?

When looking to buy a new BBQ there are lots of considerations to be thinking about. Weather your buying a budget BBQ or a top of the range alfresco kitchen you should be looking to get the right product. There are many high street shops where you can pick up a great deal but you sometimes compromise on quality. Specialist retailers such as garden centres and gas stockists often have the knowledge to inform you on which BBQ is best for you. If you are new to gas cooking these retailers are full of knowledge, tips and advice and will ensure you get the right cylinder for your product.

BBQ Sizes

SMALL - Cadac - Safari Chef LP

This portable and versatile gas BBQ, weighing only 4kg, includes five interchangeable cooking surfaces: camping stove, BBQ, non-stick reversible griddle, wok/dome and includes a convenient carry bag.

MEDIUM - Outback Spectrum Hooded 3 Burner Gas BBQ

With 3 burners, a hood for even temperature distribution and 2 side shelves, the Outback Spectrum Hooded 3 Burner Gas BBQ will make cooking outside a breeze. This Outback BBQ is perfect for parties, with a large cooking area and space on the base for sauces and utensils.

LARGE - Weber Genesis E-310 BBQ - Home Delivery Weber Genesis E-310 BBQ - Home Delivery

Designed for ease of use and efficient barbecuing, the Weber Genesis E310 offers incredible barbecuing performance.Features: Porcelain enamelled flame tamers, drip tray, temperature gauge, roasting hood, warming rack, 2 side shelves.Additional features: Cupboard, 6 tool hooks, enclosed cart with painted doors, porcelain enamelled cooking grates, 2 locking and 2 swivel castor wheels.

Outdoor Living

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If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle its well worth investing in a good quality BBQ. A BBQ is often the focal point where all your friends and family gather around to enjoy those late evenings when the sun goes down. Popular manufacturers of 3 and 4 burner BBQ include Outback and Weber. These often come with a side burner, temperature gauge and warming racks. Prices range from around £8 to more than £2,500, depending on the size of your chosen BBQ, the number of features and its build quality.

A choice to make... Gas or Charcoal?
This is one that you need to think about carefully. It depends on how you which to cook your food. Your budget for buying a BBQ may be the decider as gas tends to be more expensive. Charcoal barbecues take longer to get going and controlling temperature can be more difficult as opposed to gas where you have almost immediate heat and you can control the heat easily.

Camping and Leisure

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When your travelling on holiday its always best to be prepared before. Getting the right size gas stove is so important as one too small can be really frustrating when cooking for many.

Cotswold Outdoors sells a Camping Gaz 400 ST Stove which is a popular buy for many campers. It is a two burner stove which features an infrared grill that is perfect for toasting and all rounder cooking for family cooking. There are plenty of stockists on our website who sell this stove.

However, if your on you own or on a hiking trip you don't want something too big. Go Outdoors sell a range of backpacking stoves which include the MSR MicroRocket Backpacking Stove and Vango Compact Gas Stove which are both good value for money.

Getting the best deal

It is all to easy to pick up that new lovely looking BBQ that is in the entrance of a store without considering your options. As soon as the weather gets good retailers hike the prices up of products that are in demand. Our advice is shop around and compare products to make sure your getting the best deal. Our online appliance store has hundreds of bbqs and other LPG appliances for sale from many retailers which provides a great platform for your BBQ hunting to begin.

Going on Holiday

Finding the right location

When traveling in the UK it can be difficult to find places which allow camping stoves. In hot weather and in areas outside the UK which are prone to drought grass and foliage are prone to fire, even a simple spark can cause this. Usually camping sites have designated areas where camp fires/ pits and camp cooking is allowed and safe. Good holiday directories allow you to search for camp fire friendly sites. If your going on a camping trip within national parks you may find there are stricter rules on lighting fires and cooking within the tree canopies.

Taking gas or buying there?

If your travelling far you should check if the site your staying at sells gas. There are thousands of LPG stockists in the UK and usually quite easy to find a stockist close by if not. If your are planning a trip abroad within the EU you should consider using campingaz for your cooking needs. It is commonly available across Europe. You should plan your journey and see where stockists are located. The campingaz website is good for showing stockists across Europe.

Tips for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning on holiday

carbon monoxide prevention on holiday

Never take a barbecue into a tent, awning, caravan or motorhome. A warm, smouldering barbecue still gives off carbon monoxide for several hours after you have finished cooking.
Never use a fuel-burning appliance to heat your tent or awning. Gas and kerosene heaters – unless they are permanently fitted in a caravan or motorhome – should only be used outside. Stoves and barbecues are designed for cooking not space heating. you can find our full article on carbon monoxide here.

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