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ewm Information

EWM Hightec Welding UK Ltd.1,126 km Unit
Coopies Lane Industrial Estate
NE61 6JR

General Telephone:01670 505875

About ewm

As one of the technology leaders, we work together with our partners and customers to develop welding technology for the future. Our aim is to make welding processes even more economical, safer, and more sustainable. As a full-service provider, we assume responsibility for the entire welding process. In-house research and development and practical know-how are the foundation for the technological advancement that is associated with the EWM brand.

History of ewm

1957 The company was founded by Edmund Szczesny in 1957 and specialised in the development and production of electronic components as supplier to well-known welding machine manufacturers

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ewm lpg accessories

  • ewm range of MIG Welders

    ewm range of MIG Welders
  • ewm range of TIG Welders

    ewm range of TIG Welders
  • ewm range of MMA Welders

    ewm range of MMA Welders
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