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HYMER Information


HYMER ranks among the most innovative, most successful caravan and motorhome manufacturers in Europe today and is a company steeped in tradition.

History of HYMER

Everything started with a craft business founded near Bad Waldsee in 1923. Back then Alfons Hymer worked as a wheelwright and coachbuilder. With a firm resolve to become self-employed one day, his son Erwin Hymer joined the family business in 1956 and bought part of the Bachem premises. Working closely with Erich Bachem, the Ur-Troll was developed in 1957.

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HYMER lpg accessories

  • HYMER Exsis-t 588

    HYMER Exsis-t 588
  • HYMER range of Motorhomes

    HYMER range of Motorhomes
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