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Flymo Information

Flymo UK, Preston Road
Aycliffe Business Park
County Durham

General Telephone:0344 844 4558

About Flymo

Manufacturers of Lawnmowers including Robotic Lawnmowers, Trimmers & Blowers.

History of Flymo

In 1964 Karl Dahlman invented the hover mower.The concept was adapted from the Hovercraft.

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Our Business and Product

Flymo is now part of the Husqvarna group based in Sweden.

Flymo lpg accessories

  • Flymo Lawnmowers

    Flymo Lawnmowers
  • Flymo Trimmers

    Flymo Trimmers
  • Flymo Blowers

    Flymo Blowers
  • Flymo Garden Products

    Flymo Garden Products
Flymo Current Logo

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