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EFOY Information

About EFOY

The EFOY COMFORT fuel cell of SFC Energy AG, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, is made for winners. In this year’s Minitransat regatta over 50 % of the registered boats have a fuel cell on board: 45 of the 84 registered boats use the popular power generator for providing environmentally friendly power to critical communication and navigation equipment and other devices on board, on demand and without any user intervention.

History of EFOY

This year we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of our brand EFOY. Therefore we organize free guided company tours on a regular basis. Last week many visitors joined our 3rd free guided company tour at our production site in Brunnthal. Our visitors learned about the fuel cell’s construction and experienced life our strict product inspections to guarantee the high quality standards of our fuel cells

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EFOY lpg accessories

  • EFOY M10 fuel cartridges

    EFOY M10 fuel cartridges
  • EFOY Comfort 80

    EFOY Comfort 80
  • EFOY Comfort 140

    EFOY Comfort 140
  • EFOY Comfort 140210

    EFOY Comfort 140210
EFOY Current Logo

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