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Amica Information

The CDA Group Building
Harby Road, Langar
NG13 9HY

General Telephone:01949 862 012

About Amica

Amica produce a collection of energy-efficient household appliances with up to the minute design & style.

History of Amica

Amica was founded in Wronki, Poland in 1957. Their fist project was a coal/gas cooker.

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Amica lpg accessories

  • Amica Appliances

    Amica Appliances
  • Amica Appliances

    Amica Appliances
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General information has been provided to assist you in selecting the types of gas you may require. cannot be held responsible for any incorrect usage. If you are at all unsure please ask for assistance from your nearest gas stockist or visit the website of the relevant supplier by clicking their logo at the top of this page.

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