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Cylinder Storage

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Storage Containers

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How you should store lpg

  • Cylinders should be used and stored in the upright position
  • Cylinders should be stored in well ventilated places away from sources of heat, ignition sources and readily ignitable materials
  • Cylinders must not be stored or used below ground level or in high rise flats where gas is prohibited
  • Cylinders should preferably be stored outdoors, away from buildings entry/exit points and feature such as drain
  • Cylinder must not be kept near to any corrovise, toxic or oxidant material

Guidelines for the storage of your Calor Gas cylinders to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others.

Up to 15kg of Butane in not more than 2 cylinders (blue) may be used indoors in residential premises, (e.g mobile heaters), and a further maximum of up to 15kg in not more than 2 spare cylinder(s) may also be stored indoors.

Propane cylinders (red) may be used indoors in commercial and industrial premises only on a temporary basis, i.e blowtorch, blown air heater, but the cylinders must always be stored outdoors.


Article Information

InformationThe information provided in this article is for guidance only. Safety precautions and instructions should be used at all times and if unsure always seek professional guidance. Camping-Gas.com canot be held responsible for any information provided.

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