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All Wright GAS Products

Wright GAS supply the following products below. Click on a product below to find a stockist.

'Wright GAS'

  1. Wright GAS 19 kg Propane Gas Cylinders Image
    Wright GAS 19 kg Propane Gas Cylinders

    A refillable cylinder ideal for commercial and domestic use and blown air heaters. Also a favourite with outdoor caterers.

    Product Specifications
    Total Weight: 43 kg Content Weight: 19 kg
    Tare Weight: 24 kg Height: 800mm
    Diameter: 315mm CG Ref: (Regulator): CG2
    Gas Connection: POL fitting (Prest-o-lite) LH thread
    Availability: Hire / Refill
  2. Wright GAS 47 kg Propane Gas Cylinder Image
    Wright GAS 47 kg Propane Gas Cylinder

    Refillabe Cylinder ideal for large heaters, cookers and generators for industrial, domestic and agricultural use

    Product Specifications
    Total Weight: 81 kg Content Weight: 47 kg
    Tare Weight: 34 kg Height: 1290 mm
    Diameter: 375mm
    Availability: Hire / Refill

About Wright GAS

Wright Gas offer a delivery service for their 19 & 47 Propane Gas Cylinders

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Wright GAS
Mendlesham Green
IP14 5RQ
United Kingdom