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All Kadai Products

Kadai supply the following products below. Click on a product below to find a stockist.


  1. Kadai range of Firebowls Image
    Kadai range of Firebowls

    A unique cooking range between barbecues and cooking stoves.

    Product Specifications
    Total Weight: N/A Content Weight: N/A
    Tare Weight: N/A Height: N/A
    Diameter: N/A
    Availability: Hire / Refill

About Kadai

The word Kadai simply refers to “A bowl-shaped frying pan with two handles used in Indian cookery, chiefly for balti dishes.” These Kadai bowls have been used throughout India for hundreds of years, to cook food on a grand scale, imagine creating a bowl large enough to cook for 10,000 people, then you will have an idea of how iconic these bowls really are!

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