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Cookie Piolicy

Cookie information

Cookies are used in two ways on this website:

1. Providing you with functionality:

When you log-in or browse the site, it is necessary to store certain information in order for your browsing experience to run smoothly. This information is stored on our server, but a reference to this information is stored in a temporary cookie by your browser.

2. Anonymous visitor statistics:

We use Google's Analytics service to track visitors to our website. Google use several cookies for this purpose. No personal information about you is stored, apart from the IP address that you are using.

Please read this article on how Google uses cookies for Google Analytics.

First party core website cookies

These cookies are used for core functionality of the website, such as dealers logging into our website and using our on-line shop.

SessionIDStores a temporary unique identifier for your session no other information is stored.Expires on exit of browser
Guest_IDStores a temporary cookie for twitter which identidies who is logged onto their Twitter accountExpires in 9 months
eucookieWhen prompted with the banner stating that we store cookies, this cookie is set so that you do not see this banner on every page, and contains no information.session

Third party analytics cookies

We use third party cookies on our website for analyics purposes. We do this so we can track new visits to existing visits and also to identify which pages are being viewed more than others which helps us improve the web site. The third party cookies used on this website are completely anonymous

_utmaUsed by Google Analytics to capture and determine unique visitors and the frequency of views. __utma is written to the browser on your first visit to a site (from the browser being used).Expires in 2 years
_utmbUsed by Google Analytics to establish and continue your session on the site. Each time you visit a page it is updated to expire in 30 minutes. It expires if you spend more than 30 minutes on a single page.Expires in 30 minutes
_utmcPreviously used by Google Analytics javascript to define a session status.Expires in 6 months
_utmzUsed by Google Analytics to store the type of referral used to reach the site; e.g. direct, link, web search, etc.Expires on exit of browser