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Alfa Gastone Pizza oven Dealers/Stockists

Unfortunately we could not locate a Alfa Gastone Pizza oven Stockist

Alfa Gastone Pizza oven

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Product Information

Alfa Gastone Pizza oven Alfa Gastone Pizza oven Cylinder The Gastone model is a smaller gas-powered oven, perfect for quick, easy and modern cooking that produces spectacular traditional results. Its soft, charming lines create a cosy feel, making it perfect for warm summer nights and brisk winter evenings alike. Product Features Minutes to heat up: 15 No. of pizzas at a time: 4 Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 14 Bread baking: 4 kg Average consumption: 1,07 / 1,43 kg/h Floor area: 0,36 m2 Cooking floor: 60×60 cm Flue: Ø 15,0 Width: 90 cm Depth: 84 cm Total height: 161,5 cm Weight: 220 kg Mouth width: 55 cm Mouth height: 20,8 cm Available colours: Diamond Grey The Gastone is made of stainless steel and powder coated parts that are resistant to high temperatures.The cooking floor of the oven is made of interchangeable refractory bricks, each one 3 cm. thick. The refractory bricks store heat and convey it from the bottom upwards to cook the food. The stainless steel dome is designed to rapidly reach high temperatures. The ceramic fibre insulation ensures a long-lasting heat inside the oven. This gas-powered pizza oven is equipped with a pyrometer that clearly indicates the combustion chamber temperature. The door fitted with an ergonomic double wooden handle allows you to regulate the draught inside the oven and to control the fire. The glass ceramic door, resistant to high temperatures, allows you to keep an eye on food while it's cooking.The built-in casters are designed to facilitate the handling of the oven. Your oven will be quickly and easily relocated, either during its installation or afterwards. A practical shelf for keeping the food warm is located just below the combustion chamber. Its aim is to maintain food at a steady temperature or to be a place for resting food taken out of the oven. The skirting board perfectly matches the stainless steel tone and the coloured surfaces. Gastone is available either in Methane-powered or LPG-powered model. It's delivered ready to use. You only have to install the flue

Technical Specifications
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