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Alfa Dolce Vita Top Pizza oven Stockists

Unfortunately we could not locate a Alfa Dolce Vita Top Pizza oven Stockist

Alfa Dolce Vita Top Pizza oven

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Product Information

Alfa Dolce Vita Top Pizza oven Alfa Dolce Vita Top Pizza oven Cylinder The Dolce Vita model is available in two specifications, gas or wood-fired. The gas oven, (NG or LPG), is a modern approach to a traditional design, featuring strong stainless steel, fire bricks and ergonomic handles to ensure that your food is cooked efficiently and in style, whilst retaining the traditionally smokey and crisp flavour of original Italian pizzas. The large gas-fired pizza oven with a wide mouth cooks 4 pizzas in 90 seconds, accommodating up to 4 kg. of dough at every batch. Perfect to fit into an existing outdoor cooking space, it features the refractory floor of professional ovens with a double layer of firebricks that hold long-lasting heat. The stainless steel dome and the gas power ensure that operating temperature is rapidly reached. With ceramic fibre insulation, the internal heat is held for a long time to cut down energy consumption. The Dolce Vita pizza oven for domestic use has been built with a large glass ceramic door that resists up to 800° C and an ergonomic wooden double handle. The door has been designed to adjust the oven temperature and to protect the oven when it's off. When the Dolce Vita oven is delivered to your home, you only have to install the flue with a few screws to enjoy your cooking experience. Product Features Minutes to heat up: 10 No. of pizzas at a time: 4 Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 14 Bread baking: 5 kg Average consumption: 1,32 / 1,76 kg/h Floor area: 0,48 m2 Cooking floor: 80×60 Flue: Ø 18,0 Width: 166,4 cm Depth: 87,2 cm Mouth width: 64 cm Mouth height: 22 cm Available colours: Diamond Grey, Copper Brown

Technical Specifications
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