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All FIAMMA Products

FIAMMA supply the following products below. Click on a product below to find a stockist.


  1. FIAMMA Awnings Image
    FIAMMA Awnings

    The wide range of brackets makes it compatible with most units. Many different models are available, winch or electric opening and closing. Equipped with support legs or with self- supporting arms. Lengths from 190 to 550cm.

    Product Specifications
    Total Weight: N/A Content Weight: N/A
    Tare Weight: N/A Height: N/A
    Diameter: N/A
    Availability: Hire / Refill


Fiamma are a leading suppliers of Accessories for Caravans and Motorhomes. The FiammaStore is their most popular product for its simplicity and quality.

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Via S. Rocco, 56 21010
Cardano al Campo (Va)

United Kingdom