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Keeping Warm this Winter

Cold homes have a significant impact on people’s health. One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm.

Most homes in the UK have the advantage of having Natural Gas for their heating..
The four main alternatives are Oil, LPG ,and Electricity and Solid fuel

Oil-fired central heating is the least flexible system and tends to be messy.
LPG bulk tank heating provides a much cleaner and more efficient solution.
Electric Heating is flexible but expensive to run.
Solid fuel systems have in the main been replaced by Oil. LPG and Electricity. Solid fuel is ideal for supplementing the main heating system. Wood burning stoves provide attractive heating in addition to traditional fireplaces.

Cabinet Heaters for flexible heating

LPG cabinet heaters are the most efficient and safe form of flexible heating. They have the advantage of being able to be moved from room to room. They are also an invaluable source of heat for the garage or shed. You will find a huge range of LPG cabinet heaters and wood burning stoves from every part of the UK in our appliance store

Solid Fuel and Oil


The cost of heating a house isn't getting any cheaper. In fact, it's getting more expensive every year, and it doesn't look like that's a dying trend. As a result, many people are looking­ for new ways to stay warm and they're finding the answer in an old favorite -- coal stoves. Not only can a coal stove heat up your home, but it can save you money as well.


Burning wood is carbon-neutral. This means that the Carbon Dioxide absorbed when a tree is growing is released back into the atmosphere when the wood is either burned or left to decay on the forest floor. Modern wood-burning stoves are 80 per cent cheaper to run than an electric fire and 30 per cent cheaper than a gas fire.


Kindling tends to be the material used to let larger wood really catch, while tinder is small shavings or shreds of material that will burn hot quickly and starts the kindling burning. Kindling can be bought cheaply from most coal and log merchants around the UK

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Oil Peat

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Bulk LPG for heating

The supply of LPG to the home for central heating normally consists of a bulk storage vessel positioned or buried in a suitable position connected by service pipework to the internal gas installation. The installation of bulk storage vessels on site can be made almost invisible given the different methods of vessel positioning and buried pipework completes a hidden supply.

LPG Cylinders for heating

In the case of a single cooker, or other small usage situations, the supply of LPG may be from an individual cylinder or a number of cylinders coupled by an automatic changeover device - for continuation of supply. The storage vessel/cylinders will require filling / replacing. Consumers using LPG are aware of little differences to natural gas usage.

Portable Heaters

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