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LPG, a Solution to all your LPG needs

Gas on Holiday

Camping gas for holidays in a caravan, motorhome or tent

Gas on Holiday

Using Butane or Propane (LPG) in a caravan, motorhome or tent provides an ideal solution to provide heating, cooking, lighting and refrigeration facilities, irrespective of location..

LPG for Business

LPG comes in various shapes and sizes for a whole range of applications

LPG & Business

Camping gas for weldingAs well as LPG bulk tanks for businesses located in non-mains gas areas, LPG can supply flexible and effective heating for huge areas. LPG also provides a whole range of cylinders and cartridges for static and mobile applications from welding to soldering. Ideal for powering forklift trucks.

LPG in your garden

Whether for a barbecue or just to heat your patio, LPG is the ideal answer

LPG for leisure

LPG cylinders provide the power to barbecue for your family and friends outdoors and to keep them warm with patio heaters

Bulk Tanks

A bulk tank gives you the power of your own gas supply whether at home or at work.

A smart way to fuel your home

Stored in tanks above the ground, bulk tank LPG for home is versatile, convenient and kinder to the environment than oil, electricity & coal.

Gas at Home

From portable heaters to permanent lpg storage tanks, theres something for everyone

Using LPG at Home

LPG can be used in your home as an alternative to natural gas. It only requires a storage tank on your property that is regularly filled. LPG gas cylinders provide a mobile and flexible source of heat.

LPG info, advice & Safety

What is LPG

What is LPG (liquid petroluim gas)?

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is the generic name for commercial propane and butane. They are by-products of the refining of oil and natural gas with approximately 40% of all LPG coming from the refining of crude oil and 60% from the separation of gas products. It can be stored in gas cylinders/gas bottles or in bulk storage containers either above or below the ground. The pressurised cylinders are supplied up to about 80% full to allow for thermal expansion.

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Featured Stockists

West Highland Gas Ltd

West Highland Gas Ltd, Local Gas supplier in the UK. Stockist details on Camping Gas

West Highland Gas is a long established Scottish company specialising in the sales and service of LPG gas for heating, cooking and even ridding outdoor areas from the scourge of the...

Guildford Calor Gas

Guildford Calor Gas, Local Gas supplier in the UK. Stockist details on Camping Gas

At The Calor Gas Centre we understand how important a reliable gas supply is to your home and business. We offer a fast and friendly delivery service for all types of Calor Gas. You can...

The Barbeque Shop @ Cobham

The Barbeque Shop @ Cobham, Local Gas supplier in the UK. Stockist details on Camping Gas

We are the UK's leading specialists in quality barbecues offering over 30 years of experience to the customer. We are purveyors of quality barbecues, both gas and charcoal, and all...

Featured Suppliers

Calor Gas

Calor Gas National Suppliers Logo

Calor Gas has become the largest LPG supplier in the camping and caravanning market for Camping Gas.


Flogas National Suppliers in the Uk.

Flogas are a Propane and Butane supplier to householders and industrial businesses across the UK.

Official UKLPG Affiliate

Appliances recently added for sale

F150 Radiant

F150 Radiant - <br />
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ONLY £109.00


Find LP Gas stockists for camping, patio, barbecue, welding, heater and many other butane and propane gas uses. The camping gas directory lists all gas bottles from large corporations to local bottle manufacturers.

The directory includes hundreds of gas appliances such as cartridges, regulators and accessories. Find a cylinder or related accessory and find the nearest stockists to you. You can also find Autogas dealers and forecourts around the UK, along with other popular methods of finding a stockist or a refill.