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Countrywide Information

Countrywide Farmers plc, Countrywide Hou
Asparagus Way
WR11 1GN

General Telephone:0800 1691735 The phone lines are open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm Outside these hours, there is an answerphone facility.

About Countrywide

Countrywide supply cylinder bottles to the domestic and commercial markets through a network of professional distributors covering Mid to Soth England.

History of Countrywide

Countrywide has been supplying the farming and rural communities with Energy products since the early 1950s and today we remain committed to providing high quality products at best value prices. Formerly known as Midland Shire Farmers.

Find Countrywide Stockists Click here to find stockists

Our Business and Product

Where can I get my Countrywide gas cylinder refilled? Simply call your local Countrywide outlet on 0800 1691735. They will bring you a full cylinder and take away the empty bottle for you. If you collect from one of our stockists or your local store, please take the empty bottle with you and they will give you a full cylinder in return. Please click Find a stockist below to find your local stockist.
Where is my nearest Countrywide Store? To find your nearest Countrywide Store please use our Store Locator or call 0800 1691735
I have inherited an unwanted Countrywide cylinder; I would like to dispose of it. Would you be able to arrange this? Simply call our Customer Service team on 0800 1691735. We can either arrange collection, or advise you of the nearest Countrywide outlet.

Current Range of Product

  • Countrywide 3.9kg refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 3.9kg refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 11kg refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 11kg refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 18kg FLT refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 18kg FLT refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 19kg refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 19kg refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 47kg refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 47kg refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 4.5kg refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 4.5kg refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 7kg refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 7kg refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 13kg refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 13kg refillable cylinder Image
  • Countrywide 12kg FLT refillable cylinder

    Countrywide 12kg FLT refillable cylinder Image

Countrywide lpg accessories

  • Countrywide bulk LPG tank

    Countrywide bulk LPG tank
Countrywide Current Logo

General information has been provided to assist you in selecting the types of gas you may require. camping-gas.com cannot be held responsible for any incorrect usage. If you are at all unsure please ask for assistance from your nearest gas stockist or visit the website of the relevant supplier by clicking their logo at the top of this page.

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