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carthago chic c-line I Motorhome Stockists

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Product Information

carthago chic c-line I Motorhome carthago chic c-line I Motorhome Cylinder The Carthago c-tourer is a successful model. The equally super-lightweight and super-solid series has taken the 3.5 tonnesclass in a unique manner. The Carthago standard main body width of 2.27 m offers the highest level of living comfort. Naturally, the c-tourer is equipped with the top main body design of the Liner premium class, the Carthago double floor Technology and a high-quality AL-KO low frame chassis. And all of this with an unbeatably low weight. As well as the typical quality and comfort features of Carthago, this means that you have additional payload - even within the 3.5 tonnes weight limit. If this is not enough for you, then simply choose the version with up to 4.25 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

Technical Specifications
Gas connection:Butane or Propane

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