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carthago c-tourer T Motorhome Stockists

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Product Information

carthago c-tourer T Motorhome carthago c-tourer T Motorhome Cylinder With its extraordinarily attractive price performance ratio, the c-tourer T offers a unique option for getting into the premium class of the Carthago semi-integrated motorhomes. Many of the Carthago benefits are included: Carthago Liner premium-class body construction and a real climate storage double floor with single level living area floor throughout. At the same time – typical Carthago – it is still classed as a lightweight amongst its equals despite its solid construction. Models T 149 and T 150 have the AL-KO low frame chassis as standard, which is optionally available for all other c-tourer T models. This makes the Carthagoc-tourer T even lighter and gives it more driving dynamics.

Technical Specifications
Gas connection:Butane or Propane

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